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If you want our BEST PRICES, get a KIT. (The "Everything You Need" kits are highly recommended if this is your first order.)

If you want to order just specific products to keep on hand in case of a re-infestation, order "A LA CARTE."​

Introducing our Newest and Least Expensive Kit! The LK4.

Our Newest Kit: The LK4 - Just $29.95!

New for 2019!

The LK4 is here, just in time for SPRING!

This kit is designed for ONE TREATMENT on ONE HEAD that has short to medium length, normal to thin hair.

If your head has long, thick or curly hair, we recommend the LK5 or better yet, one of our "Everything You Need Kits."

But if the LK4 will fit your needs, check to see if there is an Independent Distributor near you or click the button below to order.